Facilities We Provide

Medical records transfer

Paper records are sent to and from GP practices through an approved courier contracted to the NHS. ... If your new GP practice cannot accept the electronic records, we print them onto paper for your new GP practice.

Online doctor consultation

How Online Doctor Consultation Works? Select the type of category you would like to consult with the doctor. Type in your concern and attach prescription, lab reports if any. Help doctor understand your case better.


Rehabilitation: the action, process, or result of rehabilitating or of being rehabilitated: such as. a : restoration especially by therapeutic means to an improved condition of physical function MCL injuries alone rarely necessitate surgery and heal with rest and rehabilitation


Pharmacists - What They Do. Pharmacists distribute prescription drugs to individuals. ... Pharmacists in community pharmacies dispense medications, counsel patients on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, and advise physicians about medication therapy.

Document legalisation

Definition of legalization can be seen as the authentication of the legal documents. This is generally done by providing a stamp and signature from the concerned departments. ... Legalization of documents is also called as attestation. Another common form is apostille which is required for international matters

Post operative followup

Postoperative care is the care you receive after a surgical procedure. The type of postoperative care you need depends on the type of surgery you have, as well as your health history.